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Natural Raw Liquid Sugar and Syrups

ISM Raw Products

Speed - Hygiene - Efficiency

Speed and efficiency is paramount in any busy café or catering setting.

With this in mind, Baristas Liquid Sugar has been specifically designed to help streamline takeaway coffee service, improve hygiene, and deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Baristas Liquid Sugar is made with 100 per cent Australian raw sugar. Sweeten hot and cold beverages in a fraction of the time normally taken with regular sugars.

Thanks to its patented delivery system, 1 pump is equal to 1 teaspoon, there’s no spoon needed and no stirring necessary. Say goodbye to the open sugar bowl at the counter.

To complete the Raw Liquid Sugar line up, there is a naturally-inspired café syrup range and Coffee Shots. These enable you to make authentic iced coffee without extracting the shot from the expresso machine

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