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Trim Your Waste by using Portion Control

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ISM Quality Assurance

ISM is committed to producing products that meet or exceed the quality, needs and expectations of our customers and consumers. At ISM it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that this commitment is achieved.

At ISM consistent product quality begins with selection of the best raw materials from HACCP certified suppliers.

ISM products are packed in several sizes and styles to meet different customer preferences. ISM's quality policies and programs assure the safety, quality, consistency and compliance of our products to meet these preferences.

Since 1997 ISM has been HACCP accredited. The HACCP system identifies critical control points throughout the manufacturing process and monitors them to ensure the highest possible food safety. The HACCP process requires ISM to be audited by an independent agency on an annual basis.

HACCP Logo and SQF LogoISM Produces Products of the Highest Quality. ISM is HACCP + SQF Accredited.

ISM ensures that all employees are aware of, and committed to, its Quality Policy.

Please feel free to contact us for details of ISM's Quality Policy.