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About ISM Group

ISM is an Australian company, owned and managed by the same family that started operations four generations ago in 1929.

Between 1929 and the early 1950s the company's main operation involved supplying specialty granulated sugars and powdered icing sugars to food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and the grocery trade.

After World War II, ISM began packing icing sugars in retail packs. The Sunny Cane brand of icing sugars and golden syrup appeared on supermarket shelves.

In the later part of the 1950s, ISM saw opportunities for convenience packaging, in an emerging foodservice industry, and became the first Australian company to produce portion control sugar.

As the market developed, salt, pepper, low calorie sweetener, coffee and tea were added to the product range. Constant improvement in production techniques, quality control and customer service have made ISM a market leader in specialist portion control packing.

ISM's manufacturing plant is located at North Rocks, in Sydney, with product distribution channels and sales representation throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.