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Natural RAW Flavour Infusions

Natural RAW Flavour InfusionsThe Natural Raw Infusion selection brings you and your customers a new standard in Cafe Syrups. Made locally using Australian Raw Sugar and infused with all natural flavour. Whether it’s the rich buttery Caramel or the truly authentic Chai Spice these premium syrups will enhance your hot beverages with intense long lasting flavours that will keep your customers coming back for more . All available in 1L bottles with our handy rustic wood bottle stand.

ProductSizeISM CodeBottles per CartonCtns per Layer
VANILLA syrup 1L x 6 302 6 20
CARAMEL syrup 1L x 6 303 6 20
HAZELNUT syrup 1L x 6 304 6 20
BELGIAN CHOC syrup 1L x 6 305 6 20
CHAI SPICE syrup 1L x 6 306 6 20
Syrup Pumps 1L x 50 308